Justice for Anna Politkovskaya

In Memory of Anna Politkovskaya
(1958 - 07 October 2006) 

She used to say “Words can save lives.” She was convinced her testimony could help mentalities evolve. Yet words finally killed her. Anna Politkovskaya was murdered on Saturday 7 October 2006, shot down as she was coming home, on Lesnaya street in Moscow. Her last article on Chechnya, unfinished, was published by her newspaper Novaya Gazeta (circulation: one million) a few days after her death...

Anna Politkovskaya: Biography

Remembering A Courageous Journalist
On the first anniversary of her death - RFE/RL

Justice for Anna Politkovskaya
Support Petition Campaign

Messages from around the world
Website dedicated to the memory of Anna and reviewing some of her writing

Committee for Peace in the Caucasus
Comitato per la Pace nel Caucaso

Per non dimenticare Anna Politkovskaja
Andrea Riscassi's Blog / Italy

Articles by Anna Politkovskaya

Anna Politkovskaya: murdered because she stood alone

World Press Freedom Prize 2007
The Prize is named in honour of Guillermo Cano Isaza

The Chronicles of Hell

''The Chronicles of Hell'' Exhibition is nominated for Pulitzer Prize 2008

A group of Finnish musicians and activists joined forces to create a song for the memory of Anna Politkovskaya, the murdered Russian journalist. The song "Uuden ajan kynnyksellä" ("In The Beginning Of A New Era") was first aired on Finnish radios on 20. 10. 2006, to coincide with Vladimir Putin's visit in the EU summit held in Finland. A translation is available and the track is downloadable at - go check it out.

The video, directed by Pete Veijalainen, heavily features footage from a spontaneous, silent candle-lit protest held in Helsinki after news of the shooting spread in Finland. Lyrics: Terhi Kokkonen/Music: Kerkko Koskinen.


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