A North West Caucasian Linguistic Reader by John Colarusso

A North West Caucasian Linguistic ReaderEdited by John Colarusso with the help of B. George and Zaira Hewitt for the Abzhwi Abkhaz text. This Reader in Northwest Caucasian Languages brings together for the first time grammatical sketches and examples from all the languages of this typologically unusual family, including three dialects of Circassian and three of Abkhaz-Abaza, plus Ubykh. The texts are traditional tales, including two pagan hymns, all of which have been phonemicized (with an 81st consonant added to Ubykh), morphologically analyzed, glossed, and translated.

This volume will be of use to those who wish to maintain these languages or to revive them, since all are now endangered. Theoretical linguists will also find this volume interesting for the numerous unusual features that these languages exhibit. Their large consonantal inventories and vertical vowel systems are known.

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From the Documentary History of the Caucasian War: Declaration of Circassian Independence by K. F. Dzamikhov

From the Documentary History of the Caucasian War: Declaration of Circassian Independence by K. F. DzamikhovИЗ ДОКУМЕНТАЛЬНОЙ ИСТОРИИ КАВКАЗСКОЙ ВОЙНЫ: «ДЕКЛАРАЦИЯ ЧЕРКЕССКОЙ НЕЗАВИСИМОСТИ»

Dzamikhov K.F. From the documentary history of the Caucasian War: «Declaration of Circassians Independence». – Nalchick: Publishing department of KBIHR RAS, 2014. – 64 p. The publication examines the processes of active confrontation of the Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Britain to establish their authority in Circassia in the second third of the XIX century. The «Circassian issue» in these circumstances became actualized as an integral part of the Eastern problem in international politics. The author has reconstructed the event framework and the historical context of the birth of the political and diplomatic document referred to as «Circassian Declaration of Independence». The appendices are: the text of the document in English; the already existing in historical literature and new translations of the «Declaration».

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Dictionary of the Circassian Language by Dr. L. Loewe (1854)

Dictionnaire de la Langue Oubykh by Hans VogtA dictionary of the Circassian language. In two parts: English-Circassian-Turkish, and Circassian-English-Turkish. Containing all the most necessary words for the traveller, the soldier, and the sailor; with the exact pronunciation of each word in the English character.

By Dr. L. Loewe.

London, G. Bell, 1854.

Louis L. Loewe (1809-1888) English orientalist and theologian. Traveling to the east, he studied oriental languages, including Circassian. Author of the "Dictionary of the Circassian Language" (1854).

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Study of trade on Circassian-Abkhazian Black Sea in the years 1750-1762, by M. Pejsonel

Study of trade on Circassian-Abkhazian Black Sea in the years 1750-1762, by M. PejsonelAuthor: M. Pejsonel. In the account of E. Felitsin

Year:  1927

Place of Publication: Krasnodar

Publisher: Society for the Study of the Adyghe Autonomous Region

Number of Pages: 35 

М. Пейсонель Исследование торговли на черкесско-абхазском берегу Черного моря в 1750—1762 г.

В изложении Е. Фелицина 
Издание Общества изучения Адыгейской автономной области 
Краснодар — 1927 35 с.

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The Russian conquest of the Caucasus, by John F. Baddeley (1908)

The Russian conquest of the Caucasus. by Baddeley, John F THE RUSSIAN CONQUEST OF THE CAUCASUS





John Frederick Baddeley (July 1854 – Oxford, 16 February 1940) was a British traveller, scholar and journalist, best known by his works on Russia and the Caucasus region.

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